Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Abandoned!

You thought I abandoned this, didn't you? C'mon, you can admit it. You thought it.

Well, I didn't. I've just been so busy with work I didn't have time to think about anything else.

But, I'm back now!

And I will be posting over the next little bit about everything that's been going on. Kitty troubles, pictures of the new building I have been working on, progress on my home theater...lots of stuff.

For now, let me give y'all the Readers Digest version:

We had some troubles with our kitteh famileh. Some members were not behaving themselves, and many changes have been made to accommodate them.

The building project I talked about in June is finally open and running. There are still a few minor issues to work out, but all-in-all it is working well. Pictures of the new datacenter are forthcoming.

We demoed our basement (with the help of my folks, thanks guys!) in preparation for rebuilding. One of the spaces planned, as you know, is for a home theater. There is also a space for my office, a rethink of the current laundry area, a new bathroom and possibly a second guest area. This is the eleventh iteration of the plan, so far. We'll see how much money we can scrape together as the project goes along. New plans will also be forthcoming.

It feels good to be writing again. It feels like everything in my personal life was put on hold for the last few months, while I devoted all my waking brain cycles to work. Sometimes it's just what has to be done, however I'm glad to be on THIS side of it for sure!

So, TTFN and I will continue gathering images and such to post in the next little bit.

--Sundown, Out.