Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beginning the "Great Pack"

My Everlasting SoulMate somehow got picked to head up the move. Mostly, this was because I have my hands full working, coordinating the metric butt-load of paperwork for the new house, and hassling negotiating with the current owners about things we want fixed. To be fair, I am working on my office a bit at a time...but progress is slow.

I did get my act together (mostly) for the recent "e-cycle" event. For those that don't know, that is when one of these technology recycling companies comes to your area and (for a small fee) will take all your old electronic devices off your hands. Then they take them, strip them down, sort the pieces into different types of materials, then crush the crap out of them and reclaim all the useful compounds. Very ecologically responsible. And, in my case, now I don't have to move all that stuff! I took several old servers, monitors, workstations, a broken VCR and several other old bits and pieces. Don't worry fellow geeks...I still have plenty of good stuff left. [grin]

The ESM has been hard at work, packing the rest of the house. She's got quite far in the short time she's been working on it. There is still a ways to go yet, but there certainly are a lot of sealed boxes cropping up and an ever decreasing amount of our stuff visible.

We decided that the days of offering beer and pizza to our friends in exchange for the use of their muscles to move, were over. So, we're going to break down and hire professional movers to come do the heavy lifting. I still plan to move our computer, audio, video and kitchen-type breakables myself. Frankly, I just don't trust anyone but myself to move my 42" LCD, my workstation or any of the rest. Then, if I screw up and damage something, I can only beat my own head against the wall. Everyone else's noggin' is safe.

Looks like we only have a few more hurdles to get over before the closing date looms. Our seller resolution list is mostly done, and the few things that are left are either in the works to be done, or they have decided they won't do. I'm a little disappointed about the couple of items they decided were too much, but our real estate agent tells me that's the way these things go right now. I can do nothing but accept that as the truth, kick some sand around in frustration and then move on.

I just want everyone to know I just found out I am psychic. You want to know how I found out? I was following the Rockies game on the computer tonight, and when the top of the ninth came around and they were down 4-0, I had my moment of clarity. Barmes was on first with one out, after being hit by a pitch. Here comes Spilborghs to the plate, and I said to the screen, "I bet he grounds into a double-play." Sure enough, on a 3-2 pitch he grounds into the DP! Things just haven't went their way in NY this trip. I hope they can turn their mojo around tomorrow.

Nighty-night y'all. Sundown, out--

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