Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitchen Before and After

As promised, here is a Picasa album with before and after shots of the kitchen.

The first two are before, and the second two are after. There are several things you can't really see from the photos that we've been working on.

The water line going to the fridge needed to be redone, as it was too short to allow the fridge to roll out far enough to clean behind it. So, I redid all the copper tubing all the way into the basement to the shut-off valve. And, I replaced the water filter in the fridge. I don't think it had ever been changed since the fridge was new! Yuck!

Since we had all the outlet and switch covers off to paint, I decided to go ahead and replace all the old, funky light switches and outlets with new Decora-style units. I also changed out one standard outlet next to the sink with a GFCI one. I got lucky and the outlet on the other side of the sink was inline with the GFCI, so with one unit I am protecting both outlets. Very nice.

As my Everlasting SoulMate and I were working on the electrical paraphenalia swaps, I did pull a bonehead move. And, I'm big enough to admit it! I was careful and shut off all the power to the outlets and lights, but forgot the one for the disposal. And, unfortunately, ESM got into that switch and found out the hard way. It was totally an accident! And yes, I did take her out for ice cream afterwards to say I'm sorry! Sorry honey!

Anyway, other than some light decorating (pictures, knick-knacks, etc.) the kitchen is done for now. And, we're pretty happy with it! Now, on to other projects! *grin*

--Sundown, Out


  1. I am going on record as saying that I wish you had let me clean all the junk back off the counters before you took these pictures and posted them. (Except for the giant zucchini - he's pretty cool.)


  2. Very nice... I didn't find the "before" color that offensive, personally, or at least not in the pics, but the "after" one looks good, too, and it does definitely warm up the room. (And that is one heck of a zucchini, by the way, although I think Mom's still beats it for size. LOL)

    And no more electrical accidents from here on out, ok? I like you both with all your bits intact!

  3. The before pictures do actually make it look better than it really was. I do find the after color much more pleasing.

    I dunno, I think our zucchini is pretty close! *grin*

    And yes, I'll do my best not to electrocute anyone from here on out!

  4. Just peeked in 'cause it's been so busy with Gus'n'everything I've been remiss about visiting. Wow!! What a week for you!

    More later (way past bed time... again!!). Hugs to you, the ESM & the critters!


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