Saturday, February 20, 2010

New(ish) Car

As of this morning, we are the proud owners of a healthy, happy 12-year-old Buick Riviera.

I'll get a longer post with some pictures up when the weather is a little better here. Lots of snow and overcast means flat light and bad pics.

ESM is very happy with the car, and I'm glad we were able to replace hers quickly.

Stay inside and stay warm this weekend!

-- Sundown, Out


  1. I notice you didn't mention that, so far, you're the only one who has gotten to drive it! ;-)

  2. Gaahhhh.... I can't believe I'm a month behind. *sigh* Sorry I've been such a lousy friend!

    Congratulations! May she run many 10s of thousands of miles for you! In 1994 I got a 1983 Buick Century for $2000. It ran for 6 years with only minor repairs (of course when she died, she did so spectacularly, giving less than 24 hours notice on transmission failure). May she RIP.


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