Thursday, May 5, 2011


Apparently, someone somewhere decided that a Mazda5 is an SUV. Don't know exactly how the rocket surgeons at the insurance company came to that conclusion, given the sliding rear doors, lack of AWD and a general mini-van-esque appearance. However, when I went to pick up my rental car from the accident, this was what was waiting for me.

Umm...ok. Small, slightly alien green a great white whale! Interesting. So, I asked the obvious question. Why? Why did they feel this was the correct rental car for me? And the answer was, they wanted to make sure I had a vehicle which was just as capable as the one involved in the accident. Sure, I can see that. o_O

So, after driving it for a couple of days, I have a few observations to share.

1. It is quite comfy to drive/ride in.

2. Gas would have to drop to pre-1970 prices before I could even think about commuting in it. I don't care that it DOES shut off four cylinders when it doesn't need them...16 MPG average isn't THAT big an improvement.

3. I cannot imagine myself ever being in a position to utilize the cavernous interior space...for people or stuff. I got over moving my furniture myself some time ago. That's what moving companies are for. Although, I suppose I could rent out the back to a small Korean family...probably wouldn't even notice they were there.

4. I am reminded of a quote from Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear. " gave me some idea what it would be like to try and park...the moon."

Don't get me wrong...while I have appreciated having wheels while my other car is incapacitated, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I'd rather have the one I had last year, while ESM's Buick was being worked on.

I am doing better every day. My persistent headache is beginning to wane. My sore neck and shoulders are slowly loosening up. Give me another week and I should be back to some semblance of normal. The nasty cold I caught in the hospital is also getting better with each passing day. Yes, you read that right...I caught a cold while in the hospital. Well, that's what happens when you hang out with sick people. Was kind of a case of adding insult to injury, literally.

I should also know what the Mazda's final fate will be tomorrow, but it isn't looking good for repairs at this moment. I'll post when I have more concrete info.

Sundown, Out.


  1. The land yacht is indeed comfy - Suburbans are built for carrying around amply-sized Americans, after all - but yes, it's way more car than we need. We'd lose a cat in there somewhere.

  2. Good to hear you're on the mend! Fingers crossed for the Mazda (or, more precisely, your pocketbook).

    ROFL! Reminds me of decades ago when the ex came home with a manual transmission, FWD, Ford F150 that he bought from his uncle - yep, without discussing it with me (such behavior, among other things, led to the "ex").

    "Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around," was my first thought. Second thought, "What the bloody blue blazes was he thinking??? He has a 40 mile commute - one way! We'll own Exxon before the year is out." Rational dialog on the subject was not possible. He NEEDED it. Now ask me how many time we actually USED all that capacity. Ummmm... maybe a dozen.

  3. @HSP - I understand how that would lead to the "ex" part! ESM asked me if we should buy a truck for her, and in exchange I could have her car. But I vetoed that, as it gives us no vehicle with four doors. Yes, I know they make trucks with four doors, however they're even longer than the Suburban!

    We still cart her folks and my folks around when they come to visit, and they aren't as spry as they used to be (by their own admission!), so getting in the back seat of a two-door is challenging. Plus, four doors can be very handy in a lot of other situations!


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