Thursday, April 9, 2009

Am I Getting Too Old???

You know, I used to be better than this. I used to keep up with all the newest tech trends. I remember when telnet, ftp and gopher were the best things going. I was learning HTML before most people had heard of the Internet. I've had an email address continuously since 1992. But somehow, this whole Web 2.0 social thing just got away from me.

It's not like I didn't know it was happening. You'd have to have been seriously off-planet for the last several years not to see/hear/smell it. But I just chose to resist. I'm not even sure why... I believe I even said out loud at one point, "Young fools! Don't they have anything better to do!" [shakes head in disbelief]

Now, let's be clear. I have not begun to text wildly at anyone/everyone I know. I'm not trolling FaceBook or MySpace, looking for people I went to high school with. And I'm certainly not walking around the grocery store with the cell glued to my ear, talking about absolutely nothing (though that is not strictly Web 2.0-related, I had to vent...sue me.) But I am trying to embrace some of the "more worthwhile" changes that have happened. That's why you will notice the Twitter widget on here, and the link to the RSS feed.

Posting here is something I feel strongly about not letting go of. I have finally heard the siren call of the blog, and I was curious enough to turn the ship towards the rocks...I just hope I don't hit them. Although, I could just get close enough to gawk at the sirens. But, I digress... I will do my level best to post on a regular basis. At this moment I am leaning towards every Monday, Wednesday and Friday...with the occasionally odd day thrown in to keep y'all on your toes. If I can keep this to a regular schedule, it makes it easier.

Twitter seems like a good way to get some short, random thoughts out of my head without having to do a full post about them. Some of them may, from time to time, end up as posts...but don't count on it. And an RSS feed is just good blogosphere etiquette. I use them extensively to keep track of the sites I read, so why not return the favor.

Ok, subject change... A quick update on my IF project. It has a name...sort of. I gave it the name "The Testing Dungeon" early on, just as a placeholder. But the project is actually turning into something that might be of interest to more than just me, so I am percolating on other possible names. One that popped out of my head the other night was "Careless Caverns." Don't know if that'll stick or not. We'll just have to see what other nuggets might lie buried in the detritus that is my imagination.

-- Sundown, Out.

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  1. Okay, that's bizarre... SeaMonkey shows me the option to comment with an OpenID here, but Firefox does not. (Maybe my version of the 'Fox is too old?)

    Anyway, I can sympathize about not understanding the whole social networking thing. I actually am signed up at MySpace, but only because Jimi Jamison has a page there and you have to be a member to access things like his calendar of tourdates, etc. (And my friends list is quite small, only about 7 or 8 people, all of whom I already knew from various other places online.) I've never even looked at Facebook, and I STILL don't get Twitter. (As I keep seeing it in more and more places, though, perhaps I'll investigate further one of these days...)


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