Monday, April 20, 2009

Delays, delays...nothing but delays!

Sorry for the delay.  The large amount of snow we received somehow caused me to suffer temporary amnesia, and I forgot I was supposed to post!

I’ve been working on my interactive fiction some, however not as much as I’d hoped.  Seems like work has been occupying more of my brain lately than I’m happy with.  But, I’m just glad to have a good job right now, so I guess I won’t complain…much.

Anyway, I have made some progress in my map and rooms, but mostly in working with the language and getting all manner of “gadgets” to operate correctly.  I've also been experimenting lately with what the Inform folks call extensions.  They are previously written scripts that extend the basic syntax and functionality included with Inform.  One can include these in their own projects by simply placing the extension file in the appropriate folder and adding an Include statement.

I have been working with two extensions specifically, the first of which adds a ton more things you can do with objects, like cleaning, breaking, throwing, kicking, climbing all over, etc.  The second is for dealing with liquids, like filling containers, drinking, putting out fires, etc.  These are the kinds of things I really enjoy!  The more realism I can bring to my story, the more I like it.  I know there is an eventual limit to what I can include, however right now I am in experimenting mode and this is my opportunity to see how much I can cram in and still make the story functional.

I think I have a few beta testers lined up as well.  As soon as I get something to a playable stage, I’m going to let these folks start beating up on it and getting feedback.  We’ll see how that turns out.

In other gaming news, I signed up on Friday for the open beta of CitiesXL from Monte Cristo.  It’s a PC city-builder simulation in the grand tradition of SimCity.  But, this thing is a quantum leap forward for the genre.  Instead of just building your own city, there will supposedly be online “planets” where you and others can build your cities, trade with each other and interact as if you were on the same planet together.  And, it is a persistent world, so even if you aren’t there, things continue to move forward. The graphics look awesome and the amount and depth of customization is amazing!  I would be so stoked to get on the beta and give it a shot.  Here’s hoping…

The Rockies are playing like the club I remember…unfortunately.  We’re 4-8, have lost the last four, and we’re tied with San Francisco for the bottom of the NL West.  I know it’s early in the season, so I’m not getting really depressed yet.  This is just a slump, I hope.  But, it was just getting too depressing watching them lose to Arizona, so I came down to my office and put on “Rock Star” with Mark Wahlberg.  Haven’t seen that movie in a while, and while it’s definitely not Oscar material, it is fun to watch and the soundtrack gets the old metal-head in me going!  I guess I need to get on Amazon and find the CD.  If you remember the hair-metal bands of the 80’s fondly, check the movie out sometime.  It’s decent entertainment, even if you aren't trying to hide from bad baseball!

-- Sundown, Out.

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