Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Horde!

It's late and I'm tired, but thought I should give everyone a quick update.

"The Horde" is fine as frog's hair. Leo and Rocky are continuing to settle in, and they have figured out that morning is the time for wet food. The cacophony that comes from the kitchen as ESM is getting the food on the plates is almost more than we can stand at times! ESM and I have learned to feed them as a team, to keep the "feeding frenzy" from getting out of hand!

Treelo is beginning to understand that these two are here to stay. There is still a power-struggle going on, but the two boys are learning that Treelo's "bark is worse than her bite." *groan*

We did have our first "injury" on Monday. Came home from work and found that Treelo had a big scratch across her nose. Not bleeding, but I'm sure it hurt! If it helps her along the path towards peace though...

ESM and I are getting ready for a "Board Game Night" on Saturday with a few friends of ours, then having my family here for Thanksgiving. Looks like we'll have nine for dinner this year. In a weird, masochistic way, I'm looking forward to it! *grin*

Have a good night!
--Sundown, Out

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  1. :-) Great pic! Two content guys!

    Yeah, we get the occasional nose scratch here and it's always pecking order related. Worried me but doc says it's pretty normal and would gradually cease. Fortunately no one is overtly aggressive, it's just "my bowl" kinda stuff.

    I can't believe I missed this post! It's been awful at work but I thought I'd kept up until Wednesday (when I crashed and burned... took three days off from the intertubes and everything else). Obviously not!

    As I told KittyChair... hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!


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