Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day and Other Stuff

As you may recall from my last post, I was wondering aloud where my “Life” board game had went. Well, now I know.

My parents read my post and since they were coming to stay with us during Thanksgiving, they went through their stuff and brought me a whole stack of my games, including my 1979 version of Life! That was very nice of them. Thanks guys! It is nice to know parents do pay attention sometimes!

The holiday was the first time my parents had met the two new members of our horde. My folks were very pleased with our choices, and thought they were both very cute. Always glad to have parental approval on such things!

My mom even took on the arduous job of feeding the horde their wet food in the mornings while they were here. We appreciated it very much. However, I know she did it mostly out of self-defense. She tends to be an early riser, and the kittehs assume that whoever gets up first in the morning is automatically the food person. And they will bug the snot out of you until you feed them! So it was a choice of either learning to feed them, or listen to them howl until ESM woke up. My mom chose the former.

Our Thanksgiving meal was good, as always. ESM and I have this whole turkey-cooking-thing down. We indeed had nine for the meal, with my sister and her husband and some of my dad’s family. We had a great time, and there was much belt-loosening and inside-eyelid-examining afterwards so I can only assume everyone else enjoyed the food as well.

My folks stuck around for a few days afterwards to celebrate their wedding anniversary with us. We took my mom to her favorite Mexican food restaurant to celebrate (Tortilla Marissa’s). The food was awesome, as usual. My mom loves their salsa and their chile rellenos. She has tried rellenos all over the country, even down in the southwest where they live and she says none of them stack up to these. We ate so much that afterwards we decided to go window-shopping to walk off the food. It was then I remembered how much I hate shopping this time of year and why I do as much as I can online!

My folks are headed home and we are just about finished cleaning up from the holiday, so things around our house are returning to normal. Just in time to start thinking about doing it all again for Christmas. *grin*

Hope everyone out there had a good holiday as well!

--Sundown, Out

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  1. Had to laugh at your mom in self defense mode!

    Glad to hear more about the great holiday. I know everyone here overindulged... but that's easy to do when sis cooks! I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since I've hosted a gobble fest!! Did it for 15 years running and then have lived in three consecutive places not conducive to crowds.

    But (fingers crossed) by next year the kitchen renovation will be done here. I'm actually looking forward to trussing up big bird!!


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