Friday, May 15, 2009

Oceans and Such

These posts while I am on vacation will be mercifully short, since I am writing on my Blackberry.

There is a quote, and I do not know who said it or if it was a line in a song or what. I'll worry about looking it up later. It says to, "Give your troubles to the sea." I think I am beginning to understand what that means. Sitting here beside the ocean on the coast of Oregon, it seems very easy to relinquish my worries, stresses and fears to the waves. The sights and sounds of them have the seemingly unique ability to make me forget about my working world back in Colorado, and fully decompress and relax.

My Everlasting SoulMate and I took a drive north up highway 101 yesterday. She said she needed to get out, since we got cooped up in the house the day before with a huge rainstorm that lasted all day. We went all the way to Seaside and stopped for lunch at the Bigfoot Steakhouse on the south side of town. If you're ever there it's worth the stop...kitschy Bigfoot statues, footprints and all. My ESM had the "triple S", which was a soup, salad and slab of cheese-bread. I went with the clam strips, which were the size of chicken tenders back home. Huge!

We then stopped in at one of our favorite places, the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Again, if you're in the area, I highly recommend it! We took the tour again (self-guided), bought some cheese to bring back and had cream!

Watching the sunset from the deck last night, with a cold adult beverage, was a fitting way to end a wonderful day.

I can't wait to find out what adventures lay ahead of us during our stay! I'll keep y'all posted.

-- Sundown, Out

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  1. I've read from lots of different sources that water is considered the element of emotion, and can even be used by sensitive people (::raises hand::) in their living/working spaces to absorb and/or redirect excess energy... to "keep emotion flowing through the space rather than remaining stuck in it" as one author put it. So I'm not at all surprised that you find your proximity to the ocean so peaceful and relaxing--and I might even be just the teeniest bit jealous. :-)

    Good to hear you guys are having a good time!


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