Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vacation Better Hurry!

Isn't it funny how when you're getting ready to go on vacation, the time leading up to your departure ramps your stress up enough that if you didn't need a vacation before, you sure need one now!  Been there this week.

My Everlasting SoulMate and I are leaving soon on a trip to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Thank you, thank you [polite golf clapping]. While I am very much looking forward to spending the time with her, trying to get my work and co-workers ready for me to be gone is proving somewhat more stressful than in the past.

Could it be the two large facility construction projects going on simultaneously, demanding much of my attention to keep their proverbial plates on sticks continually spinning? Could it also be that since the last time I went on vacation in 2007, I lost my boss who was also my technical backup? My current boss is very good, as I may have eluded to in the past, but he is definitely not as technical as either myself or my former boss. Have you ever had that dream where you show up to school only to find there's a big test and you haven't studied?  This is that dream in reverse...everyone else didn't study and they expect you to know all the answers!

I just have to keep telling myself..."just a few more days, then you can sit and veg and no one will care." Unfortunately, another part of my brain answers, "Yes, but how many times will they call/email looking for you?"

My ESM has a reasonable-sounding plan in place for that. First, she forbade me to bring my laptop along. Then, she said she will take my CrackBerry away from me after our arrival and only let me see it for a few minutes a day. Now if I can just carve my brain out of my skull and leave it in her charge, maybe that'll keep me from worrying about work!

I plan to continue to post during my trip, as I have set my CrackBerry up to allow me to post to the blog and Twitter remotely. I'll have some pictures and hopefully some video when I get back that I can share. Keep your eyes on this space for more info.

With all the other stuff going on, I have not had time to post regularly, let alone work on my interactive fiction or other projects. And I'm sure I won't do anything with any of it between now and departure. Maybe, just maybe...I'll relax enough while I'm gone to do something crazy like pull out a pen and some paper, and actually hand-write some notes and ideas for my IF. In a weird, crazy kind of way...I'm kind of looking forward to that.

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