Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Man, This is Weird!

The whole experience of buying a house and taking posession is a bit surreal. I've never owned a house myself before. Of course, my parents owned their homes. And I've rented trailers, apartments and houses many times. But this is a first for me.

I have a lot of emotions all jumbled up. Thinking about the fact that now I am responsible for this house in its entirety is a bit scary. Thinking about the money I will have to spend to pay this off is daunting. The ability to customize absolutely everything I can afford to is exhilirating. And, its a bit sad and lonely here now...not just because the house is sans kittehs for now, but the fact that Mr. Ziggy won't be here to enjoy this with us. I know he is always with us in spirit, but we'd both like to see his reaction to all the nice windows in this new place. He would have been happy.

Our real estate agent informed me today that the whole process, from when we contacted him to closing only took two months. Wow! It felt more like four or five months. Another one of those ways stress messes with you.

My Everlasting SoulMate and I are working on painting the kitchen tonight. It is a bluish-purple color that neither of us care for. So, we are painting it a peachy-pumpkiny kind of color. We painted the kitchen of the rental house a little darker version of that color and really liked it in there, but the cabinets in that house were the more Eurpoean white fronts with just the wood trim at the bottom. Looked great. This house has more traditional wood cabinets in a nice oak. We figured by lightening the color up, it would look better with all the wood. I'll post a before and after shot in the future and let y'all decide.

Well, my break-time is over and I need to get back to it. I'll post again when our move is complete on Friday night. Take care everyone.

--Sundown, Out.


  1. What a fitting way to spend your first evening of home ownership, what with the hearth being the center of the home! Congratulation, Sundown & SoulMate! I'll be wishing you a smooth and uneventful move!

  2. Good luck! My darling and I bought our first home last year and it was GRUELING... still is... but we are learning what life is like as adults all in one fell swoop. And we're learning that life in Aurora as owners is much different than as renters in Denver. :)
    Hugs to you!

  3. It is too bad Ziggy won't be there with you to enjoy the new place. Hopefully the new surroundings will make things a bit easier for you.

    And I can totaly understand what you mean about it being surreal - I remember when we bought our house a few years ago it was just strange for me. And the first time something happens that you would have called the landlord on, but now have to do it yourself is always interesting. But you realize that it is your place and your responsibility - and hopefully you have an easy thing to deal with and then you feel so awesome that you took care of it yourself. It is smart that you painted without the kitties there - we did the same thing when we moved in for some of the rooms but have done more since - and twice ended up with paint covered kittens (we have 2 that are young and 3 that are older - the 2 young ones have each gotten painted at some point).

  4. Ack, sorry I'm late commenting again... life just won't leave me alone these days. I do remember having the same mix of conflicting emotions when Peter and I bought our place, the whole coolness factor running smack into, "Oh, geez, I just signed my whole life away!" You will get used to it, though--if I can, anyone can. :-)

    Anyway, glad to hear the closing went off ok, and I hope the move today went as smoothly as possible... when do you retrieve your fur-babies from their stay at the vet's?


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