Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving Day Approaches

Well, this is going to be a short post, since we've been working most of the weekend on packing our house and I'm ready to hit the hay.

We're getting pretty close to being ready for the movers on Friday. The house is looking more and more un-lived-in all the time. And the moving boxes are beginning to really pile up. Treelo has enjoyed trying to sit on top of all of them! *grin*

We got the final numbers on our loan and cash amount we need to bring to closing. All of them are lower than we were expecting, so that was good news. Wednesday at 11:30am MDT is the closing and posession. I guess I need to start practicing my penmanship to get my wrist and arm in shape to sign all the documents.

Ziggy is never far from our thoughts. Susan found a few new pictures today on our server that we forgot we had, which was kind of a nice surprise. It also made both of us cry again. We all still miss him terribly.

We have made arrangements for our vet to board Hubbard and Treelo for the day of moving. That should make things less stressful on us. And, to make the transition less stressful on them, we got our Feliway refills and some Rescue Remedy in the mail last Friday. We'll get all that going in the new house long before we bring them in. It certainly helped when we introduced Ziggy, so we figure it will work in this situation too.

I'm figuring to do a post after the closing, and another one after the move. I have my work laptop, which has a cellular modem in it, to use while we await the installation of our high-speed line. Gots to have teh Interwebs!


  1. Best of luck for your move, Sundown and Soulmate. Yep, I think it's best to put Treelo and Hubbard in a safe, calm place for the big day! Then you'll have time to move in and get their new home ready for them. (That's our function as humans, you humbly serve our cats.) :-)

  2. We'll sending lots of positive energy and "low hassle" vibes this week, brother mine--and I had been wondering how you were going to juggle the kitties and the movers, so I'm glad to hear that's sorted out, as well. Looking forward to seeing the new place in person, once you get at least semi-unpacked!

  3. Agreed! Your babes know not the gift you are giving them! It is much easier on them when they're spared the bustle of the move!


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